• Merdolino Year: 1993
    Company: Alessi

    A polite, succulent cactus made from coloured plastic in the most private room in the house, which discreetly hides its real function. But for those who are familiar with its nome, its function is soon revealed: it's a bathroom item that's used tor toilet-cleaning. Giovannoni camouflages the image of the toilet brush by making it unrecognizable, but at the some time he denounces its function by naming the unmentionable, thus provoking the priggish public.
    Merdolino is no doubt the most "scandalous" object in Giovannoni's product range, and when it was released the critics were quick to point to it as on example of the definitive and irreversible "barbarity" of design. But ali the furore it caused actually amplified the echo of its author's successes, now on his dizzy rise towards the Olympus of Design.